hand point thermal imaging device at home

Find out what's behind the walls in your home

Thermographic inspection

When there are problems lurking behind the walls of a house, you may never know they’re there. Gross Inspection Services, LLC offers thermographic inspection as part of your home inspection to determine the status of things you can’t ordinarily see.

When you have a leak behind a wall, you might not know about it until the damage is already done. We’re InterNACHI-certified to look for:

We’ll identify a problem area so you can fix the issue. Call 262-395-3373 today to schedule your thermographic inspection in the Brookfield, WI area.

Gain insight on what's behind your walls

Thermal Spectrum

Our infrared camera sees the different wavelengths that materials produced on the thermal spectrum. It’s a great way to locate the source of any problems that would otherwise be invisible. Contact Gross Inspection Services today to inspect your home for hidden hazards using advanced non-invasive techniques.

Sewer Scoping

Thermal Imaging