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Protect Your Family From the Dangers of Radon

Radon Testing

Did you know there could be a silent killer in your home? Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. The only way to determine if there are dangerous levels of radon in your home is through specialized testing.

Gross Inspection Services, LLC offers NRPP-certified radon testing in the Brookfield, WI, and Milwaukee areas. Contact Gross Inspection Services today to arrange for radon testing services.

Get peace of mind by arranging for professional radon testing

Radon is a naturally occurring, odorless, and colorless gas. Find out if your home has concentrations of radon with testing done by Gross Inspection Services. Our simple testing process involves:

We’ll close off your house to ensure you get the correct results. If the levels we find are high, we’ll recommend a certified mitigation service. Call 262-395-3373 today to speak with a radon testing specialist in Brookfield, WI.

Get Your Home Tested for Mycotoxins

Mycotoxin Testing

Worried about mold in your home? Call on Gross Inspection Services. We offer affordable mycotoxin testing in Brookfield, WI, and the Milwaukee area.

Toxic mold from things such as moldy drywall produce mycotoxins, which can cause an array of health issues. Don’t let harmful compounds flourish in your home. Call 262-395-3373 today to speak with a mycotoxin testing pro.

Keep your family safe from harmful contaminants

Find out why we’re a preferred home testing company. Contact us today to arrange for mycotoxin testing services in the Brookfield, WI area.

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